Friday, January 7, 2011

hee ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥

Okay,i wanted to make a new post for awhile.
But my assignments have been stopping me from doing so.
jealousy that my friends keep making new posts cannot be concealed no more!
..and now..
i'm all yours babeh! :)

I think i wanna talk about marriage in this post :D
yes,u read me right. MARRIAGE.

i've been wanting to post about this topic ever since i started the blog. hee.
but its a topic that i'm quite shy to talk about. ehem.
I've been talking with dayah on facebook about marriage and i've finally decided to make the post.
my roomy,my friends all know that i really want to get married.
and they wonder why. hurm?
its not like i have a boyfie to get married to.
and that i have a lot of money to spend on the wedding.
and that i'm mature enough to be a wife and mother. am i?..
u guys must think that i haven't even finished studying but already wanting to get married!
so gedik! so gatal! so desperate! :P
it ain't the truth if i deny that (but i ain't desperate though)
behind all that,there's a looot of reasons why i feel so.
let me tell u why..

1)i can avoid adultery. the world is daaaangerous place. filled with disobedience to The Creator. when u r married,the husband or wife protects his or her companion: by providing security; by helping to keep the eyes restrained and the private parts protected.

2)when a man marries,he has fulfilled half of his religion.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
"If Allah grants a Muslim a righteous wife, this helps him preserve half of his religion (faith). He should, therefore, fear Allah as regards the other half."

3)u gain lots of rewards just for touching and looking at your married companion 
(refer to video of ustaz kazim below)

4)death is always near. u could die in a blink of an eye. so before my death comes,i would love to have a family. a baby,a righteous child that can pray for me when i'm gone.

5)i looove babies,kids. i want to take care and play with my child. eee :) but i do want sometime alone with him for like a year or two. hehe.

i would love to list more,but i bet u would get bored reading this post :P
treat yourselves with these talks from sheikh khalid yasin and ustaz kazim elias :) :

ustaz kazim elias

sheikh khalid yasin
at this point,i really don't mind who i marry.
whether i know him or not.
as long as he is a good man,of righteous faith,with a sense of humor :D
and that my parents approve of him,i'm all set to go.
besides,a great marriage is not when a perfect couple comes together,it is when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

Allah S.W.T. has promised:

"Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not affected by what people say: for them there is forgiveness, and a provision honourable".  [Surah An-Nur 24:26]

you are what you get.
so focus on your iman.

strengthen your love to Him first.
thats what matters most.

insyAllah,u will get someone of equal faith n kindness.

oh yeah. i don't really want a big marriage.
no sitting on the bridal bed,renjis mawar and stuff.
thats HARAM btw.
as long as my friends and family can come.
even a marriage like ustaz kazim says here will do :)



maya mayonis said...


:) kami pun rasa kita tak perlu untuk bercinta b4 berkahwin.

bcinta sbb nak kenali dulu lelaki tu?
tak mungkin, lelaki sebelum kawin tak akan menunjukkan perangai yg sama selepas kahwin. sblum kahwin mesti x tnjuk kelemahan kan

perempuan baik utk lelaki yang baik,dan lelaki yang baik utk perempuan yang baik.

kita perlu berusaha untuk memperbaiki diri kita,dan hubungan kita dengan Allah, dan juga hubungan dengan manusia.
berusaha menjauhi sifat mazmumah dan kejahatan hawa nafsu

dan berdoa memohon kepadaNya
InsyaAllah Allah akan berikan jodoh yang baik buat kita.

stuju dengan ety,
"you are what you get"

:) terima kasih cos sharing this !

etykus said...

salam maya.

setujuk setujuk. kalo tgah bercinta mesti sume nak nampak baik je. u jump,i jump la. romantic la kan.

sedangkan dalam Islam menyatakan mengenali calon suami adalah dalam tempoh pertunangan. betul dah org2 dulu buat. sekarang ni semua nak liberal kononnya,abaikan hukum syarak. sebab tu kebanyakan org dulu kawen,kekal kan? sekarang ni org cerai bersepah2.

jaga hablum minallah ngan hablum minannas seiring. barula hidup sejahtera.

semoga maya mendapat y terbaik. insyAllah :)

ainur said...

ok ety! saya suka post ini.! hehe..
tak sabar nak kahwin laaaa~

etykus said...

haha. kan! tp org laki ckp i post pelik2. huu :P

ainur said...

haha.sape cakap?
tang mana yang pelik nye? tak nampak pun. hehe

etykus said...

ijad ckp! u igt x? ijad y msi tuh. pastu mmbe i ckp gedik.. -.-'

ainur said...

oooo.ijad scandal tina ke?
gedik? jangan dengar cakap diorang. just write whatever you want. (;

etykus said...

will do syg! :)

pikasya said...

setuju ety..mcm2 dosa n maksiat kita akan wat kalo bercinta b4 kawen.even elak mcm mna pon kan

etykus said...

betol betol. bile berdua je pon dah menghampiri zina. huhu :(

sedangkan Allah berfirman dlm Surah Al-Israak,ayat 32:

"Dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina, sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan yang keji dan satu jalan yang jahat (yang membawa kerosakan)."

sekamar rindu said...


moga cepat dapat jodoh...


follow ur blog....

etykus said...

salam.. tenkiu ya sekamar rindu.. i follow u back.. :)

suhaila said...

ety, nice writing... bravo for being sincere in ur post and i gain some lessons from ur blog...tenkew;)!

etykus said...

ur welcome. thx 4 visting. come again! :P

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