Friday, June 10, 2011

lovely blog award :)

tenkiu ainur kerana mengetag. kalau x tag,ntah bile ntah nak berupdatenya blog ni. ni pon dah hampir sebulan ditag baru perasan. aigohh. haha. kesian blogspot terabai kerana tumblr. banyak betul komitmen :P okay,enough rambling. jom usya rules and regulations for this award.

Here are the rules to abide accepting this award:
1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it

rule 1,done :) 

rule 2.. 
random thing 1
when people make jokes, or talk about something, i tend to space out and be like

then ranging from like few minutes to one day later, then only i realise what they meant. haha. so bad. 
like this one time the guy at the drinking stall tried to joke with me. i wanted a soya drink but they didn't sell it for the day. i was like, fine la kan. then he said come again tomorrow. and still, i was like fine la kan. but he kept on repeating it. so i was like, whats wrong with him? -.-' then after i went back to my room, i realised tomorrow was a holiday and they're not opening. duh. so so bad.

random thing 2
i like to wear kain batik. though, i don't always wear it. wearing kain batik makes me feel ayu, down to earth and malay. haha :P

ayu kan? ntah gambar siapa la aku rembat ni. haha. but point proven right? :)

random thing 3
when i'm focusing on reading something or watching a movie, i can get reaaaalllyy focused. i wouldn't even realise if someone was talking to me. it would be great if i can be like that when i'm studying -.-'

random thing 4
my tummy is versatile. huh? haha. i usually eat a little bit but when it comes to wasted food, i'm the girl to come look for. insyaAllah, even if the food is high like the mountains (hyperbola much) i'll finish it. i don't like wasted food.  not that i eat food from the garbage, that is euwww. hey,the rezeki came from Allah while others could only get the opportunity of eating only once a day. the guilt is unbearable. thus,i force my tummy to be versatile :)

random thing 5
i only listen to nasheeds. undeniably before this i was a person who would know all about the western singers and stuff, and be the first person to download once i hear a new song. but now i think all of that is rubbish and making me neglect from remembering Allah. istighfar. at first it was tempting to change from alt rock to nasheeds but it becomes easy when you do it for the right cause. just delete all the songs without regret and start downloading new nasheeds.  i would search for a particular singer like dawud wharnsby or yusuf islam or hijjaz or raihan or saujana. then i would listen to all the songs then choose the ones that i like more and delete the ones that i don't like.

random thing 5
i looove taking pictures. its just a hobby. no,i don't have a dslr. but i would love to have one. anyone want to buy one for me? teehee :P

some of my works here. haha. would look better in dslr though :)

random thing 6
aigoh,random thing 7 seems so far away. i'm tired of thinking anymore. haha :P okay,next. i have 7 wishes that i would so much want to do before i die. the first one is go bungee jumping. yahuuu~

i want to go water rafting again

i want to go sky diving

beautiful man. so beautiful..

i want to go sky gliding again. i'm not sure if its the correct term but last time i did it at penang. the motorboat pulled me then my feet would touch the sea water and then i would soar up high again. loved it. just loved it.

i want to go travel the world <3 seriously. i want to go so much. to france to spain to korea to russia to america to thailand to  uk to pretty much,anywhere! even to sabah and sarawak. haha. klik HERE to checkout a pretty decent list of places i want to go :)

the next one would be to go to someplace like this

and the last wish would be to go do my pilgrimage. its compulsory for all muslims as it is one of the 5 pillars. its the house of Allah. who wouldn't want to go? :)

ramdom thing 7
at last! :D haha. i would say that i'm single but not available as in only for my husband. but that would be a pretty lame random thing. so i would go for i suck at bowling. haha. like seriously, no one is suckier than me. even my 10 year old sister got a higher score than me. the lowest of the lowest i got was 19. 19!! maybe my husband would teach me someday. well, if he's good at it. haha.

finished! at last! woohoo! :D

now its time to reward 15 blogs :)
1. pqah
2. pujah
3. maya
4. muz
5. hanip
6. nazrul
7. liana
8. umar
9. hidayah
10. linda
11. pedal
12. tikateeth
13. tikah padel
14. izyanti
15. kayah :)

terpulang kat korang ye nak buat ke x. tiada paksaan. sekian,blog terupdate :P

Saturday, May 21, 2011

near death experience?

ouh wow what an experience
not that i like it but it is such an eye opener

just awhile ago before asar,i was laying around on my bed

when suddenly my neck had a cramp
it also happened last night but only for a while
this time it was loong and painful T.T
this had happened before. loads of times,even worse
every single time i would think that i might die
and this time is no different
at first i just laid there holding my neck hoping that it would go away
then i tried rolling to get up. success!
i wanted go downstairs to call my mom
but i foolishly stopped by my parents room to weigh my weight (duh~ -.-')
at that moment,it suddenly hurt so bad
then i thought,if this was my time to die,i would want it to be while i was devoting to Him
so i went back to my room and went to the toilet for ablution
while carrying out the ablution, the pain miraculously disappeared
i was sooo amazed and in awe
just awhile ago i couldn't even swallow my saliva without feeling like my esophagus would collapse
now i could move freely with less pain
the remains of the pain still exists
but i wouldn't mind that compared to what i've been through just now
at that point,i felt so grateful to Him
for giving me another chance to ask for forgiveness, to devote myself to Him
how generous is He for giving tons and tons of chances
every time we get back home safely, every time we survived anything
all those are chance that He generously gave
how do use the chances? did we prove that we are worthy of the chances?

anyways, don't be afraid of dying if we attempt to die in His path
i share this not to be proud that i survived
but for us to feel the humility and feel how fortunate we are to be the servant of Almighty

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear smokers, 
Please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want to start smoking. So you can enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself, i don't want any percent of it.. 
Regards, Don't-kill-me-if-you-want-to-kill-yourself.. 
p/s: copy and paste this message at your profile to support the keep-smoke-away campaign(at social networking sites)

also supported at blogs :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



sooo.. this topic i kinda just thought of it after reading pqah's blog :P

you know how diamonds are girls best friend?
i think flowers can be a girls best friends too.
because some girls find it utterly romantic when they receive flowers from their loved ones.
some like roses, some like orchids, some like jasmine.
as for me, i'm still clueless about which one i like.
maybe all of them? :P
but i think all of them are beautiful, so beautiful.
alhamdulillah, they too are blessings from Allah
and its also a blessing that we can see these beautiful floras.
don't forget to be thankful :)

well, i've noticed that most girls nowadays would just dream of getting flowers from their ehemm *wink wink, if you know what i mean*
but for me, i don't want them
its better if you don't give me any kinds of plants
because frankly, i don't know how to take care of them. haha.
and it would be a shame if they wither away and die.

but what i really really really would want....
is to be in a field of them
a field of floras as far as the eye can see.
not in the rainforest's like they have in malaysia.
but like the one in beauty and the beast, can you imagine?
gosh, now that is what i call romantic.
i could just stay there for hours and days just rolling there
sleeping, reading books, looking at the sky, the view.

so breathtaking. phew.

now if only someone would just take me there.. hehe.. :)

do places like these really exist? please take me there pretty please :)
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