Wednesday, January 26, 2011


hey ho. how's everyone doing? :D
i know my blog topic is absolutely ridiculous
 but thats because i don't know what title i'm supposed to put
since i think i'll be rambling about random stuffs in this post

first of,yesterday or maybe the day before,i found myself tagged in 2 posts
i'm flattered,really i am
but its not because i joined a contest or won an award or anything
i just find it funny when i'm tagged in anything. hehe *jakunness*
i bet abg ben wouldn't be so excited to be tagged
he's used to it,kan?

i was tagged by alyrds because i shouted something in his shoutbox

click on the picture to see the post

see? thats my name right there. ha
alyrds,doesn't that look the same like the tv3 website to u? haha
the 2nd tag was by encik umar who congratulated me for not winning his contest. hahaha

oh yeah. sahabat blogger is going to have a gathering on sunday
still don't know whether i'll be going or not
no geng,still new,really shyy and i suck at bowling
wouldn't want to humiliate myself in front of new friends would i? haha
umar,i'm still in dilemma
right now it seems my weighing seems more heavy to the 'not going'
 but i'll give my final answer this evening yer
and hey! i hapdeted my blog. haha
oh,congrates to muz for hapdeting ur blog too :D

okay,enough with the rambling
i just needed to hapdet
though this post isn't so informative
next time i'll do better. okay?
till next time. jya ne ^^v


Umar Faruq said...

opss.. kene tag la plak.. hahah

Zero said...

Ramblings of a tikus, hahahaha. :P

etykus said...

saje mau tag blek. hihi :P yeah. this is how a tikus rambles. take note okay :D

logorithm said...

So how Ety? Are you going?

etykus said...

logo,i'm not going. xde geng. maybe next time. hopefully ade lagi :)

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