Monday, January 17, 2011

student life!

aiks! i missed entrepreneurship class today.
before this we didn't have class because the syllabus is finished already.
but today was presentation day and everyone had to go to class. 
i thought we just had to go on the day of our presentation. 
and our presentation day is tomorrow.
aiks. let bygones be bygones lah. huhu.
need to prepare for tomorrow's presentation!
after hardwork comes tawakal right?..
go ety go! good luck for me and my group! hehe.
friday has another presentation waiting for us. 
and its about digital logics.. scaryyy.. 
babai guys.. :'(


muzakkir said...

gud luck!

Zero said...

Remember to have fun during your presentation!

Sometimes that works! :P

etykus said...

muz: makceh weh! :)
zero: i try yaw. sometimes i get too nervous to have fun :P

Mahfuzah Husna Zulkifli said...

Ety ni la... ish3... Ok tak? Mesti ok punyalah =)

etykus said...

hehe. insyAllah. esok nak presentation lg ni. cecuak la jugak.

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