Tuesday, May 3, 2011



sooo.. this topic i kinda just thought of it after reading pqah's blog :P

you know how diamonds are girls best friend?
i think flowers can be a girls best friends too.
because some girls find it utterly romantic when they receive flowers from their loved ones.
some like roses, some like orchids, some like jasmine.
as for me, i'm still clueless about which one i like.
maybe all of them? :P
but i think all of them are beautiful, so beautiful.
alhamdulillah, they too are blessings from Allah
and its also a blessing that we can see these beautiful floras.
don't forget to be thankful :)

well, i've noticed that most girls nowadays would just dream of getting flowers from their ehemm *wink wink, if you know what i mean*
but for me, i don't want them
its better if you don't give me any kinds of plants
because frankly, i don't know how to take care of them. haha.
and it would be a shame if they wither away and die.

but what i really really really would want....
is to be in a field of them
a field of floras as far as the eye can see.
not in the rainforest's like they have in malaysia.
but like the one in beauty and the beast, can you imagine?
gosh, now that is what i call romantic.
i could just stay there for hours and days just rolling there
sleeping, reading books, looking at the sky, the view.

so breathtaking. phew.

now if only someone would just take me there.. hehe.. :)

do places like these really exist? please take me there pretty please :)

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