Saturday, May 21, 2011

near death experience?

ouh wow what an experience
not that i like it but it is such an eye opener

just awhile ago before asar,i was laying around on my bed

when suddenly my neck had a cramp
it also happened last night but only for a while
this time it was loong and painful T.T
this had happened before. loads of times,even worse
every single time i would think that i might die
and this time is no different
at first i just laid there holding my neck hoping that it would go away
then i tried rolling to get up. success!
i wanted go downstairs to call my mom
but i foolishly stopped by my parents room to weigh my weight (duh~ -.-')
at that moment,it suddenly hurt so bad
then i thought,if this was my time to die,i would want it to be while i was devoting to Him
so i went back to my room and went to the toilet for ablution
while carrying out the ablution, the pain miraculously disappeared
i was sooo amazed and in awe
just awhile ago i couldn't even swallow my saliva without feeling like my esophagus would collapse
now i could move freely with less pain
the remains of the pain still exists
but i wouldn't mind that compared to what i've been through just now
at that point,i felt so grateful to Him
for giving me another chance to ask for forgiveness, to devote myself to Him
how generous is He for giving tons and tons of chances
every time we get back home safely, every time we survived anything
all those are chance that He generously gave
how do use the chances? did we prove that we are worthy of the chances?

anyways, don't be afraid of dying if we attempt to die in His path
i share this not to be proud that i survived
but for us to feel the humility and feel how fortunate we are to be the servant of Almighty


Zero said...

It could be a neck cramp? Happened to me sometimes, maybe that's because I was in front of my computer screen with an awkward angle of my neck for long periods of time?? o_0

By the way, you're right. We should be grateful to Allah SWT to every breaths that we take, every sight that we still can see with our eyes, and everything that we can still do before we are six feet underground.

Death can come knocking at our door at any time. And sometimes it doesn't even knocks.

etykus said...

Yeah I think it was a neck cramp. The cramp was like urgh. I feel as if it clenching mt throat. I couldnt even move. Happened quite a number of times -.-'

yup yup right. I feel like my life could end any time in any way. And I just wonder how I would die,in husnul or su'ul khotimah. Its just scary. But all we can do is prepare ourselves before our time ends. Thats all the effort that we can grasp. The rest we leave it Allah.

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