Thursday, December 30, 2010

all is fair in love and ball?

okay,so its been a couple of days already
and it wouldn't be so patriotic of me not to write about it.
is it? :P
Alhmadulillah.. malaysia won! :)
i'm so proud of team malaysia!!
rawwrrr! :D *tigerly growl*
seems that they can bite after all.
so my perception of them that they can't really play ball has turned a 180 degrees round.
or is it 360 degrees round? haha.
and as any girl in malaysia, i've come to fond the malaysian players *hee*
mainly fahmi and safee. 
but the indonesian players aren't bad either. ehem. irfan. ehemm :P
and this picture has become my desktop background <3

censored fahmi's thigh a bit. aurat okay? :)
to encik tugboat comel,i just wanted to tag u caused u tagged me. hah.

all is fair in love and ball? 
refering to the laser thingy,i agree with hidayah.
lame excuse!
not to mention that it was really low for julia perez to do that.
puhleez.. i bet they were too focused on the game to notice u anyways.
well,i didn't notice it in the first leg.
but during the second leg,totally obvious on fahmi's face >.<
no forgiveness for that!! 
oh well,malaysia won anyway.
hopefully we can make it to fifa someday
any chance that might happen? :)
u know what,some international guy made a shout out on the radio that fahmi is the best goalkeeper ever! proud of that too.
and Congratulations Malaysia is one of the worldwide trending topics on Twitter
proud of that toooo. haha.
oh yeah,today is public holiday! wee~
but have u guys noticed that tomorrow is new year?? omg!
time flies and i still have a gazillion things about myself that needs to hijrah for the better.
internet addiction,late to class and laziness just to name a few. huh.
lets strive for the better okay? 
going to alamanda in like an hour and i haven't gotten ready yet!
so.. till next year,see ya! :)


Ⓜⓐⓗⓕⓤⓩⓐⓗ Ⓗⓤⓢⓝⓐ Ⓩⓤⓛⓚⓘⓕⓛⓘ said...

"Congratulations Malaysia is one of the worldwide trending topics on Twitter" WoooaaAAA! Ni dah nak gila bola balik ni... huhu

>> Teringat memori dgn arwah ayah. Klu tak, dengan ayah la kami dok menjerit "GOAL!" sama2. Tapi xapa, arwah dah selamat. :)

muzakkir said...

hahahaha.. lama x ber form spring ngan bdk2 hyper. hahahaha


etykus said...

pujah: dasat kan? haha. xpe pujah. kenangan still ade. tu y manis tu :)

kat cni tgok ngn mmbe2 je. tu pon ngn line tnet mmu y indah kabar dri rupa. hehe. tgok kat umah ngn fmly bes kan :)

muz: yeah,saje nk bg hg teringat kngn lme blek tu. hahah :P


maya mayonis said...

tengok bola. takminat.sbab statik je buat ape kita nak tengok bola.tak gerak pn. hehe

etykus said...

haha. abeh maya suke tgok ape.

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