Tuesday, December 28, 2010

love so so much ♥

do u guys know this guy?

this is sheikh khalid yasin.
from what i have researched,he is an american african muslim living in the uk.
he converted to Islam while he was in military.
I loike to hear his dakwah just like how i loike ustaz kazim's.
u wana hear his dakwah?
this is one of them :)

so the topic is....
what do u do if u love someone so so much but u can't get married?
thats the answer guys --> stay away from them!
its not like if u stay away from them,its the end of the world.
or.. u can't live without them. right?.. right?..
those statement are just overrated. u know it and i know it.
that love so so much is coming from ur desire,nafsu. fight it! 
we are fighters,yeah! :)
in fact,fighting ur lust,desires is the biggest jihad.
because once ur involved in these kinda things,ur gona stray.
first ur texting,than calling,then going out together in groups,
then ur going out just the two of u.
and everyone knows when an unmarried couple meets alone,
satan is amongst them.
this will eventually lead to "u know what". hmph.

Hadith - Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi 3118, Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab , Tirmidhi transmitted it.
The Prophet(SAW) said, "Whenever a man is alone with a woman the Devil makes a third." 

basically,what i'm saying here everyone already knows.
its a reminder to me,u,them,they,we,us.
its just a matter of choosing Islam above ur desires.
ask urself,can u live ur life with the love of ur life
that u love so so much
but without the love of Allah SWT?

if ur married,thats a different story.
so lets get married! :D


ainur said...

jom kahwin! (;

etykus said...

yeahhhh. jom! hehe :D

Anonymous said...


~zack zackual~

etykus said...

haha. zack,ape ehem2 nye? :P

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