Saturday, January 15, 2011

movies anyone?


movies. who haven't watched movies in the cinema raise ur hands please!
have u noticed that some say its HARAM to watch movies in the cinema?
and a couple of my friends,when invited,they don't join due to this reason.
i've been thinking about this for awhile.
but before this,i've actually been ignoring this statement.
because in my heart i feel that i'm not doing anything wrong.
just me. enjoying the movie. with my friends. no touching. not doing maksiat or anything.
but just now i've been skyping with a friend.
and she asked me this question.
is watching the movies in the cinema actually haram or not?
because she noticed that the friends i've mentioned above don't watch movies in the cinema.
so it triggered me to do the research.
any statement i make must have a concrete proof right?
i can't make my own rules.
so here's what i've found out.

watching the movies in the cinema is not haram based on a few rules.

1. it does not contain any sexual elements,violence,wrong religious teachings and overall,does not contain any elements that are against the syariat and teachings of islam.

2. it does not abstain us from committing to our compulsory worshiping or prayer. the al-Quran has clearly warned us of those that turn away from remembering Allah.

3. it avoids us from mixing between male and female of ajnabi, abstain us from fitna and doubt, especially when in the dark.

info is obtained from this website

based on the rules above, is the malaysian cinema a halal place to go?
i think not. 
with the couples there doing who knows what.
and we know even coupling is haram.
....... ?
thats another case.
if we are aware that maksiat lingers around the place,yet we do nothing,there is no doubt that we are accomplices and burden the sin too. 

“Gather all the unjust persons and their spouses, and all that they used to worship!” [As-Saaffat 37:22]
 “Instead of Allah - and herd them to the path leading to hell.” [As-Saffat 37:23]

oh Allah,how i've wronged u all this time :(
and how far are we sure that the movies does not contain any sexual elements.
i bet every single movie contains this element.
heck i even think 'rapunzel,a tangled tale' does too.
with the kissing scene,holding hands and stuff.
i remembered this movie i watched.
'aku bukan dara'
i really regretted watching it.
i only went because i promised a friend that i would go with her.
it was _______________
i'm speechless.
are the actors malay? islam? 
oh yeah they are.
did i mention there were kids watching too? huh.
what they are acting is above the limits.
just because they are acting it doesnt mean that the actor's desire to each other just turns off.
and it doesnt mean the audience that watches them wont turn on too.
plus,it brings bad influence on the kids.
even if the movie is made to give lessons and awareness.
it does not turn what is haram to halal.

as a conclusion,i conclude that the cinemas in malaysia are halal to go if and only if they make separate rooms for males and females, 
does not contain any elements that is against islamic teachings,
and does not abstain us from doing what is compulsory.

if u're still not sure whether it is haram or halal..

"Halal is clear and Haram is clear; in between these two are certain things that are suspected. Many people may not know whether those items are Halal or Haram. Whosoever leaves them, he is innocent towards his religion and his conscience. He is, therefore, safe. Anyone who gets involved in any of these suspected items, he may fall into the unlawful and the prohibited. This case is similar to the one who wished to raise his animals too close to a restricted area, so that the animals may step into that area. Indeed for every landlord there is a restricted area. Indeed the restriction of Allah are the Haram." (Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim) 

so if u dont know if it is halal or haram,it is better to stay away from it. 
lets strive for the better.
the end.


maya mayonis said...

timekasih di atas post ini.hehe. sebenarnya mende ni kami duk pikir gak baru2 ni masa cuti,sebab gi wayang ritu dgn kwn.

tp kan, pelik kan melayu ni kalau nak buat cerita, nak buat yg tak elok2, rempit lah ape lah. tak membina langsung.merosakkan melayu ada la.

etykus said...

salam. tula,mak ety pon xbg tgok wyg dlu. tp duk tgok gak. naluri rmja. huhu. dlu cm xksah pon apa sebab umi xbg tgok. tp bila dah tau,rse nk pegi tu kurang dah.

betui betui. setujuk. konon nk buat pgajaran tp hakikatnya, org tgok crita cmtu untuk hiburan semata. so xde faedah pon.

pikasya said...

thanks etybiks ;p
still trying..

etykus said...

ur welkam mem pqah! :) same2 kite berubah ye. slow slow.

fAizAL(^^,)izWaN said...

...hee just wanna say i like this post...
and i like the statement made by "maya mayonis" ;) about the "melayu ni kalo nk buat cerita....."

etykus said...

encik faizal. salam. tenkiuk krna amek msa bace post ini. hehe. yeah. betolkan statement tersebot?

fAizAL(^^,)izWaN said...

haha betul ke??
xceli xbrani nk komen betul ke x coz it's subjective..laen org laen pandangan,kan??!!
hee pd sy ayat tu betul...yeah,i hate to admit but it's true..~hee
kdg2 teringin nk post about it kt blog tp cam nawaitu xsampai lg ;p

etykus said...


betol betol. ni pandangan ety. personally,ety mmg xsuka cerita sgt cerita melayu. lagi2 yang pasal bohsia,bomoh n segala. huhu. xpee. post ikot kerelaan hati sendiri yep. hee :)

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