Friday, January 14, 2011

thats enough!


i've had enough of my taekwondo instructors >.<
before this we had to pay 100++ for the clothes,i'm still ok with it.
they had us work real hard,i'm still game.
but they call me acting when i fainted?
thats just crossing the line!
acting is lying.
and i'm not a liar.
i can't deal with the insult. please.
i even started taking energy bars when i keep fainting in class.
it didn't work though :(
i was really thrilled when i started learning this subject.
my spirit just started to fade away when they started being rude.
and they even had us going to a gym in damansara.
have they considered that we don't have transport?
and that its really far. and the traffic jam. sheesh.
but we didn't cancel our appointment.
we were ready to go.
but they postponed it.
and then we're the one to blame??
i would tell a lot more,but..
sakit jiwa when i think more and more about it.
i don't wana be the one to complain,but heck,i already did.
enough is enough.
i'm dropping the subject.

p/s: u might not understand what i'm talking about. sory. this is just a medium for me to release my anger. huh.

*now relieved*


ainur said...

garang cik ety kite sekarang.. hehe

etykus said...

haha. yela. siyes geram sgt. dye kate kite tipu :(

Zero said...

I totally understand what you're going trough. Glad you're dropping the subject - obviously they don't give a damn about the welfare of the students, they just see dollar signs. $$$$

By the way, did you really faint in your class?

What did they do to you? >_<

etykus said...

i regret not dropping the subject earlier. huh. i did faint like 3 times. but i recovered fast. i think maybe thats why they thought i was acting. but they had no right to humiliate me in front of class. geram betol! >.<

ainur said...

kenapa sampai faint pulak yunk? teruk sangat ke training?

etykus said...

terok la gak. huhu. sblom nih i xpenah2 pengsan walopon slalu blatih kawad ke hape en. msok taekwondo ni bru blaja pengsan tu cmne. hehe.

ainur said... least u have the experience.. (;

etykus said...

hehe. betui betui :)

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