Friday, April 29, 2011

your choice


i want to tell you a story
something i watched on nat geo awhile ago
which is reallyyy touching
i think you would feel the same too

a leopard.. as you all know,is a hunter
it feeds of other weak animals and feared by all
little did we know that behind the strong exterior, is actually a sensitive being
in the show that i saw
the leopard had attacked a baboon
the baboon obviously died but the leopard hadn't notice that there was a baby baboon dangling to the mother baboon. auwhh~

when the leopard realised this,guess what she did?
she took care of the baby baboon dudes! mashaAllah
fyi,baboons and leopards are enemies since way back
and yet, she took care of the baby like it was her own
she didn't even feed of the mother baboon so that the little one could feed off what's left of the mother's milk
smelling the scent of blood, hyenas came to eat the left overs
the leopard protected the baby and she took the baby up on a tree so that it would be safe
throughout the night, she took care of the baby though the baby almost fell off the tree a few times
sadly, when dawn came, the baby baboon was discovered lifeless
indeed the whole story was touching
mere words can't describe the real thing that happened

auwhh. so cute! >.<

the baby baboon has probably considered the leopard as its mother

opsy daisy. i'm coming for ya little one!

this shows that even animals have maternal instincts
they could care for a child of another species, the baby of their enemy nonetheless!
i'm not talking about home animals here, not cats, not dogs, not pets but the predators!
where does this put us humans? i should say beneath the levels of an animal
while animals are not blessed with an intellect such of a human being

given the intellect, the physics, the emotions, how could humans have the nerve to this??

and this
and this :'(

people,this is so sad
pictures shown by uncle google are worse
i just couldn't bear to see anymore
if you wana see more pictures,you can ask uncle google yourselves

don't you feel sad? don't you?? if you don't, there is something seriously wrong with you!
those innocent kids pay the price of your bastardly behaviors
dudes, shame on you!
i know that you have nafs in you, but this is just so low

its is said that the angels have the intellect but no nafs. all they do is worship Allah and do what they are told to do
the satans have nafs but no intellect. they know but their arrogance has clouded their judgement and refuse to follow Allah's orders
the humans have both nafs and intellect. even if you have nafs, you have the intellect to control you
now, its your choice to choose. to be above the angels or to be below the satans

make your choice. the RIGHT choice


xain said...

if there wouldn't be any bad things happening around, how would you be able to tell the difference between good and bad ?
its crazy.

etykus said...

thats what you've got brains and iman for. to tell the difference between good and bad. like seriously would you prefer bad things to happen rather than good ones?

xain said...

its not what i prefer. its what how i choose to live in a society where good and bad, both prevails.
secondly...bad things happening around makes us analyze how perfect is our imperfect lives.(Allhumdullilah)

etykus said...

well,we know bad would never go away but it would be better if good prevails. don't you think? Allah swt indeed told us to strive for the better and He looks at our efforts for it. sure when bad things happen, we can compare our lives with the unfortunate. but feeling good for the bad things that happens to others isn't right. and remember,we have to be grateful to Him at all times. not just at certain times.

xain said...

honestly, i dont feel good about bad things happening to others.

"we have to be grateful to Him at all times. not just at certain times"

exactly thats what i meant to say.

when yo are not in pain, yo thank Allah. When you are in pain you seek Allah's help.
if only goodness is there what would you thank him for ? :)

this is how the cycle works...ain't it ?

*just a thought*

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