Tuesday, April 26, 2011

imam muda 2 :)

imam muda 2 is out!
they just did the opening ceremony of the new season a few days ago and it looks like the competition is tough!
the new faces gleam of innocence awaiting the challenges set for them
who are they? jeng jeng jeng

a sabahan who is a kafa teacher
he teaches kids how to read the quran and the kids love him <3
oh yeah. he is the 13th son out of 17! like wow his mom! :O
he has qualifications on designing and styling hairstyles

imam muda amar from aloq staq!
he is still a university student
there's just something about him that gets to you. like seriouslyy..
not kidding. i'm a fan of him :P

imam muda got so famous that we have now contestants from other countries!
imam muda mujahid is from woodlands singapore
and he used to be a gymnasts during his school years! :O

err. i duno much about this imam muda.
i just know that he is a fasilitator and a counselor :)

imam muda nazrul is only 26 years old
but he is already a headmaster at a religious school! :O

oh p/s: he's married with a son and another one coming soon

this one just got married lohh
and he's an engineer dudes

he is only 19 going on 20 years old
but he is already a tarannum teacher, a gift inherited from his father, so they say
 he is a brother of a local nasheed singer! wonder who it is? :)
and he is a student in piloting if i'm not mistaken

another international contestant!
this one is from brunei and he is a mosque officer

imam muda fakhrul is already an imam in his hometown
a grad student from the middle east. phew

imam muda hassan is 26 and he is already a part time lecturer!

oh mann.. these imams are so successful
looks like its gona be a tough one this season
my personal favs are imam muda amar and imam muda nazrul
imam muda amar, basically cause he's from kedah. haha :P
but if u watched him in the tests episodes,dang he is good
and imam muda nazrul is no less greater than him
during the tests he was like ok,but then the judges told him to give all out
then he was like amazing! :O
so modest of him
and his face is just so calm and always smiling. gosh.
calms the heart man

watching imam muda always gave me the goosebumps
and the show is so overwhelming
its touching to see that there are actually a lot of talented and good guys out there
and its great that imam muda exposes the society with these things
instead of tuutttt akademi fantasia and tuttttt mentor and tuutttt mari berdansa and also other tuttts
which are definitely not good foods for the soul

no matter how tough the competitions are or what the prizes may be
it is important to remember that the nawaitu must always be because of Him and for Him
not for fame, not for money, not for showing of how good you are
and for us the audience, we musn't watch it just to waste our leisure time with
lets take the lessons available and learn and our nawaitu must be straight too
not to watch because they are potentially eligible husbands *though they indeed are. ehem*
or to just have some fun watching it

this applies to everything you do
not just watching imam muda
that way, you would always get benefits from anything you do :)

which one is your favouite? :)


pikasya said...

pilih plih..calon suami.hehehe ^_^

etykus said...

ahaha. layak ka nak jadi calon isteri mereka? sobs.

hurun said...

laki yg baik hnyelah utk wanita yg baik..
dan begitu sbaliknye..

etykus said...

hehe hehe *malu malu* :P insyaAllah :)

Zalies said...

Info terkini..Program Keusahawanan 3K bersama Imam Muda Fakhrul setiap Hari Sabtu & Ahad bertempat di Prima Sri Gombak,Batu Caves Selangor..sila lawati blog : http://inspirasilensa.blogspot.com

Itminaan said...


Imam Fakhrul tak ada website/blog ke apa2? Nak jgk follow up dgn ceramah2 /nasihat dr Imam...I personally prefer him among others..

etykus said...

salam. rasanya macam xada. imam muda lain pon macam xada je.

Itminaan said...

I c...terima kasih

Anonymous said...

Mne korang tau diorang ni btol2 baek?

Anonymous said...

X sama cm akedemi fantasia la apa la..konon.. sbnrnye korang sokong tgk rupe gk.. just cover atas nme agama.. nk tgk Af x dpt sbb trg2 haram n bercanggah dgn fahaman korang.. jd imam muda la korang nyer Af kan?? p mampos la rancangan bajet baek cmni.. korang usha rupa gk kan?! ngaku je la.. x caye tgk la cmne ko komen part mamat nme fatah tu.. x tau pape konon.. satu je sbb- mamak tu x hensem.. yg laen tu smpai berjela tulis.. p mampos.. aku just ckp pa yg ptot.. kebenaran.. kalo rse da dignity sbg manusia, sila jgn pdm komen aku..

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