Friday, February 11, 2011


finally i could take a break from my exams!
the dreaded digital logic design paper is finally over!
though,i don't think i did so good T.T
but there's another one coming up,then kulim! here i commmeee!! hoyeahhh :D
i never knew studying far away from home would be this suffering
missing kulim and its contents so much <3

and i think my bloggy body is cramping due to nearly 2 weeks lack of entries! omg! haha
don't wory cit cit cit. i'm gona pamper u this holiday :)

oh yeah,guess what.
turns out internationals DO read my posts.
 or more like AN international,but still.. hihi :P
so i'll be making more posts in english.
unless there's like a request to do in malay(as if there's gona be any requests at all,duh~),so then u'll have to use google translate to understand
on the bright side,u can learn malay faster and better! right? :D

i think i'm just gona babble in this post.
so.. the end :)

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