Sunday, April 24, 2011

sad sad story

i just remembered a true story my mom told me
my mom is a teacher, if you didn't know
there is a student studying in her school. female.
and she is the only girl in the whole school not wearing a hijab
not because she didn't want to
but because her mother told her not to..
yup. you read me right. her MOTHER told her not to
the girl entered school somewhat last year, if i'm not mistaken
seeing the obvious awkwardness, my mom and an ustaz called in the girl and her mother
curious about this particular condition, hoping to help in any way
as a result..
the mother said that her daughter may wear a hijab on a few terms
1. that she must not wear while her hair is still wet
2. that when she wears the hijab, she won't get any dandruffs
3. and that she would not get any other hair problems related to this factor
i was like, wth? -.-'
no offence to other mothers out there, but what relevance is her action?
how can she put such terms to her daughter?
how can she put such terms on what Allah has made mandatory?
and pity her daughter..
the other kids at school called her kafir, a kufr
she went to my mom, confessing her dilemma.. crying

sad isn't it..

how would we be if actually Allah made terms for us to receive His blessings
with all the wrongs that we have done
all the sins that we did
all the assumptions and judges that we make
all the excuses we have come up with
and yet.. Allah has been so patient with us

"If God lacked patience and mercy, all of you would long ago have been punished. If God lacked compassion and forgiveness, none of you would have escaped." [Surah An-Nur 24:20-21]

count your blessings people
but then again,they are uncountable, right?..



maya mayonis said...

assalamu'alaikum ety!
eh mak ety skolah hitech kan? mak kami baru pindah sana awal tahun ni! pk koko. try tny mak ampa, kenal tak cikgu norsidah.hehehe.mak ampa nama ape ek?

etykus said...

waalaikumussalam! :)
aah2. skolah hi tech. hehe. wahh,nanti ety tanya ek. mak kami nama hasnah. cuba la tanya mak hmpa gak ehh. hee :P

pikasya said...


etykus said...


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